Thursday, 26 January 2017

How Can Yoga Help With Stress Relief?

How Can Yoga Help With Stress Relief?:

The very basics of yoga demand that practitioners slow down and coordinate their breathing patterns with moves that can range from gentle to deep stretches, twists, forward and backward bends as well as balancing postures. For the better part, many of these moves require intense concentration and focus. When the yogi is so deeply involved in maintaining the positions correctly and holding them for prolonged periods, the mind is naturally focused on the effort involved, with the result that everyday trivialities, worries and stresses are swept away and the yogi learns to attend to the moment instead.

There are various yoga positions that have been identified especially with relieving stress. These moves can comprise of a variety of seated postures like the Salutation Seal, the Easy Pose or the Child’s Pose. All postures focus on sitting in a relaxed position giving the yogi the opportunity to help quiet the mind, gently stretch the spine and relieve stress.

Likewise, certain standing positions like the Standing Forward Bend, the Triangle Pose and the Eagle Pose are also known to be stress busting moves in yoga. While the first two positions are adaptable for any level, the Eagle Pose is a standing position for advanced yogis that demands acute focus and balancing skills.

Just as seated and standing yoga poses can offer relaxing benefits to the yogi, so can some reclining postures. Of these some ideas include the Bridge Pose and the Corpse Pose both of which require the yogi to recline on their back. Another favorite de stressing move is the Legs up the Wall pose which is essentially an inversion where the yogi lies on their back with their legs propped up straight against the wall. Inverted moves like this help bring fresh blood to the brain by raising the legs higher than the torso and can induce the yogi into a state of keen relaxation and recovery.

All this effort involves not only pacifying the mind but also relaxing the body as well. This is also referred to as a state of meditation when the mind is completely stilled allowing the individual to filter out any stressors that may be bothering them. During meditation, the yogi can rejuvenate their mind which also allows them a fresh perspective on the upcoming day.

To experience a more meaningful meditative session, it is recommended that meditation is carried out in a surrounding that is comfortable, clean and quiet. Choose a time of the day that is free of distractions and other commitments, and wear comfortable clothing before sitting down to take a deep breath and relaxing.

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